Cape Cod Birds

Cape Cod in winter time can be cold. The daytime temperatures on this trip in January 2014 did not get above 20 degrees Fahrenheit

You can take photographs of birds pretty much anywhere on the Cape. Cape Cod is one of the biggest producers of Cranberry Sauce in the world and a lot of these photos were taken at several Cranberry Bogs, of which there are many. They are generally accessible to the public and are great for a brisk walk!

There is usually a pathway right round the bogs and somewhere to park the car. These photos were taken in the cranberry bogs around Yarmouth Port.

All of the seabirds featured below were photographed at Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge where there is a car park and two trails – one about a mile long and the other about three miles. It is a great place to see wildlife, even if it is a little cold in winter!

Canada Geese are present in large numbers!

These Eider ducks demonstrate why their feathers have a great reputation for keeping you warm!

A beautiful little Snow Bunting!

No shortage of gulls!

Cranberry Bogs, Yarmouth Port, Cape Cod

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