Bull Island

The Sat-Nav co-ordinates are 53.354971, -6.170530.


Bull Island is a popular tourist amenity about halfway from Dublin City to Howth. There are two golf courses on the island but most importantly there is a beautiful long sandy beach with superb dunes and grasslands. Access to the beach is over a long wooden bridge and you can walk or take the car.


Linnet at Bull Island

When you get to the end of the road, go left onto the sandy track. It is a little bumpy, but it will take you right onto the beach where you can park. Wacth out for very high tides which can occasionally reach the parking area!

Stonechat at Bull Island

Stonechat at Bull Island

There is also extensive areas of mudflats at low tide which attract huge numbers and varieties of birds. The island is connected by a wooden bridge and a causeway and is easily accessible by car, by bus or on foot.



A little further on from the bridge there is a causeway to the other end of the beach. You can park along here and walk on both sides of the road where you will see plenty of waders, ducks and geese. The Sat-Nav co-ordinates for the causeway are 53.375404, -6.164406. Click here to view in Google Maps.


Rock Pippit

In winter, there are up to 30,000 ducks, geese and waters of all varieties in Bull Island.

In addition to geese and many wading birds, Bull Island is home to many other varieties, including meadow pippits, stonechats, reed buntings, snow buntings and kestrels.


Stonechat in the afternoon sunshine!


If you walk to the opposite end of the beach from the wooden bridge, you will sometime see seals on the beach!


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