The Sat Nav co-ordinates are 53.420837, -6.137624.


If you are parked in Broadmeadows, just drive on into the village of Malahide and follow the coast road to Portmarnock. There is a small park on the left hand side just past the turn for Portmarnock golf club.



If you take the left hand turn for Portmarnock you can park a hundred metres up the road and walk back to the main road. Walk to your left and you will see the park. The ducks will come to you if they are there, but the waders and the geese are a little shyer.


Oyster Catcher


Redshank, Curlew and Oyster Catcher

A pair of Oyster Catchers get a little spooked very easily, they are hard to get close to.

This shot give you a sense of how close the park is to the village of Portmarnock. They are not always in the park, but if they are not there, stroll down to the waters edge and you will find plenty of birds.

If you drive on past the park and turn left, you will see the Portmarnock Golf Club clubhouse on your left hand side.




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