Great Locations for Bird Photography

If you are into bird photography in Ireland, and also when you travel, this site features locations that are ideal for taking photographs of birds, as well as information on how to get there and what you might find. In order to get good photographs of birds you need to find them first of all, and that takes a lot of patience.


Gannet at Saltee Islands, Wexford

This site will give you a head start by identifying locations that are accessible and letting you know what birds you might find.

Grey Heron at Broadmeadows Estuary, Dublin

Grey Heron at Broadmeadows Estuary, Dublin


The list of locations will grow over time. There are several locations around Dublin as well as locations in Spain, South Africa, New Zealand and Cape Cod in the USA. Where possible, there will be information on where to park. There will also be sat-nav co-ordinates and links showing the locations on Google Maps.

Stonechat near Rome, ITaly

Black Redstart near Rome, Italy

While this site is aimed at photographers, it is also useful for those of you who just like to go birding as each location will feature photographs of the birds you are likely to see. Huge variations occur between winter and summer so remember to take that into account when you travel.

Greenshank Broadmeadows Estuary

Greenshank at Broadmeadows Estuary Dublin

Occasionally the site will feature photographs that don’t involve birds – such as my home town, Dublin. Or sometimes bees, bugs and butterflies. Enjoy browsing the site and visiting some of the locations featured.


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